We are Customer Focused

A member of our design team will sit one on one with you to design a kitchen that reflects your needs and personal style.

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The 4 Stage Design Process

Stage 1: Explore
Magazines, books, and the internet are great resources for discovering design styles that suite your personality. Take the time to gather ideas that you want to incorporate into your cabinets.

Stage 2: Outlining & Consultation
Sit down with a member of our design team to put some of your ideas on paper, discuss budget, and ask questions. We want you to feel confident about your choices.

Stage 3: Design Review
After the initial consultation, your designs will be transformed into detailed drawings. At this stage revisions can be made to ensure satisfaction.

Stage 4: Manufacturing
Upon final approval by the customer, the drawings are then submitted to the shop where production can begin.

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Discover Your Style!

There are many different cabinet styles and many different classifications, but the most commonly used classifications are Traditional, Contemporary, and Transitional.


Traditional cabinet styles include descriptions such as ‘Classic’, ‘Timeless’, ‘Details’, ‘Ornate’, ‘Rich Colours’.

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Contemporary cabinet styles include descriptions such as ‘Modern’, ‘Linear’, ‘Simple’, ‘Clean’, ‘Less is More’. There is definitely a trend towards a more contemporary cabinet style these days.

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Transitional cabinet styles are a mix of traditional and contemporary, cleaner than traditional without being as sleek as contemporary.

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